Not Cut Out to be a Stay at Home Mom

I feel like I might be losing my mind, being at home all the time. I realize I'm extremely lucky to live where I do, and be able to take a full year off of work, to be with my baby. I'm thankful to be able to watch her grow for the next 10 months.

But this is my blog, and I'm allowed to complain.

First of all, I get up in the morning, and spend a while feeding myself and my child. After that, I sit on the computer, doing absolutely nothing, until she falls asleep, then I try and get dressed and do my hair in such a way that it looks like I give a rip what I look like.

But I don't.

Why should I? I'm not exactly going anywhere.

After that, I might do dishes, laundry or some type of housework. But even that feels totally insane. I do all this work, and within an hour, the stupid house is a wreck again.

I guess that's what I get for having 2 dogs and 2 cats and a baby.

My baby is too young to play with yet. She pretty much just eats, sleeps, poops, cries, or sits in her swing staring at me. When she's nice and alert, I lay her on my bed and lay down beside her, and read to her, show her some of her toys, bring up songs on YouTube for her. I can do this for about half an hour before she gets tired of me and cries again. So she goes back in her swing, and I am tasked to find something else to do.

Lately I've been studying for the ER nurse certification exam, but on Saturday that will be over.

I should work out. I've got all kinds of time...


I'm not going to work out.

Maybe, when Harper is old enough to play with me and interact, it might not be so bad. God I hope so. Because until then, I've gotta try to entertain myself, and my ideas are crap.

Things I could do with my time:
Learn to juggle.
Stare at the wall.
Make a house out of a cardboard box.
Make cupcakes to make myself even fatter than I already am.
Take up drinking.
Learn the dance moves to Thriller.

Oh Lord, help me. I need to work. Or something. It's been over three months since I put an IV in.

I really need to poke someone.


  1. Haha I'm afraid of this when I'm on my maternity leave. I'm not exactly super productive when I have time off and I have been known to not move from the couch if the dog is sleeping because once he wakes up, he follows me everywhere.

  2. AH, I had to go back to work after 6 weeks and I thought the world was ending! I must say, the adult interaction is nice. I definitely think you should learn the dance moves to Thriller and then do a vlog showing all of us your success! HA! :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. Ahh I'm from Manitoba and I'm in the same boat! I feel so lost sitting at home all day. I know I shouldn't complain, because we are SO lucky...but sometimes it's hard!
    Is there any Mommy and Me groups on the island? Stroller walking groups? Library activities?


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