Week from Hell.

 Harper will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. It's still a little bit crazy in my head that I'm a parent. Responsible for a tiny humans life. We're kind of getting into a routine now, but I gotta tell you, our first full week home, for lack of better and more descriptive words, was the week from hell.

 Let me tell you all about it. 

 First off, we were trying to figure out this child. I know she was over a week old, but remember, she spent 4 days in the NICU and we had no idea how she operated. We didn't get to experience what is called the "Sleeping like a baby" phase. Newborns are literally so exhausted from being born that they sleep extremely well for about 3-4 days and fuss very little. We missed that whole thing. Though it was nice of the NICU nurses to do the 3 am feeding for us, since I hadn't slept more than 2 hours in a row in about 3 months. 

{To be off topic for  just a moment, I was going to write an entire post about what took place while we were in the NICU. I decided not to. Basically, I wanted to gripe and complain about how we were treated. I'm not going to do that. The NICU nurses took excellent care of Harper, and that was their job. My only real complaint is that in the process, we (the parents) were left so far out of the loop that we didn't even know why Harper was in there for 2 days. Maybe it's because they didn't know for sure, because they were waiting on blood work. Regardless, it doesn't matter now. After a while, I pried a little with one of her nurses, and she realized then that we hadn't been told anything. She gave us all the information we needed, and after that we (mostly my inner nurse/crazy hormonal new mommy) were satisfied. Basically, her blood and my blood are opposite RH factors. I'm negative, which means she's positive. They mixed and caused her to have a reaction that gave her jaundice.}

 Trying to figure out a baby is hard. They really do have different cries for different things. It took a while, but we finally figured her out enough to get by. We're still learning. 

 Second, after a tiring week of being away and learning our new baby, we were hoping for a relaxing Saturday. Casey worked in the morning, and came home around noon. He decided to install the diaper sprayer upstairs. He really is becoming quite handy. :) Anyway, I was sitting at the computer (mostly for the comfy chair) feeding Harper. All of a sudden I hear water running and think, that's weird, I thought he would have shut the water off... And no sooner that I get that thought through my head that water starts coming through the ceiling. I screamed at Casey that there was water, and he came flying down the stairs and ran to the basement to shut it off. I rushed Harper out of that room and put her in the laundry basket and ran back in and grabbed the computer and pulled it out of the wall and as I was rushing out of there, a 2 foot chunk of the ceiling comes crashing down right beside me (Freaky!). I got the computer out of there, and went back for everything else electronic (basically every electronic we own aside from the TV). Through the giant hole in the ceiling is basically a mini Niagra Falls. So, I sent Harper to my stepmother's for the day (which she loved), while we worked to clean up the damage. 

The damage.

 From that, my house is a total wreck. My computer is on my kitchen table, everything that is supposed to be in that room is in the kitchen and living room. It's being fixed now, and that's a mess all on it's own, but at least its happening! I'm just trying not to think of how messy it is in here! (Calm down OCD!).

Much needed snuggles after a long week.
 And to top the whole week off, we're almost asleep one night, and Casey rolls over and says, "have you spent any money lately?" I said "No, I haven't left the house in a week." He said, " Ok, well Visa must have the balance off a bit, it happens." Well the next day, he calls them, only to find out that somehow, someone out in British Columbia stole his Visa card number and has bought approx. $2000 worth of electronics from various places around that province. We're getting it sorted out, but that's an added pain in the butt that we didn't need! 

 So, after that week, I think I have done well to have only broken down and had a good cry twice. I deserve that at least. I haven't found myself as hormonal as I thought I would, surprisingly! Unfortuantly, after all the stress and craziness of last week, my milk supply has almost gone the way of the dinosaurs. I'm working on getting it back up, but it's not going so well. 


  1. I felt the same way when we got home! All 6 days in the hospital, my baby wasn't with me until the last day, and even then they didn't want him staying with me overnight. When I got home I was like "What do I do?" :)

  2. Oh my soul.. what a week! I would have cried like 8x more than you lol You're tough!!


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