The waiting game.

I'm not very good at waiting. I hate the unknown. I like a plan. I need one. Even when I'm just going to the city for a day trip, I hate just winging it. I love knowing that I'm going here or there, and eating at this place.

Casey asked me once, if God had made it so that we knew exactly when the baby would come, would I prefer it? Of course I would? I'm not sure there's one pregnant person in the entire world who would prefer not knowing.

We have been in the city for over a week now, under the recommendation of my doctor, and for fear I would go into labour on the biggest fear really. We have been walking and walking and walking. I've sat on the stupid labour ball for hours. I think, at least, we may have been successful at dropping the baby into position. She was apparently too high last week. Now, I have so much pain in my pelvis, I can barely walk. I merely hobble around, hoping it's all going to be over soon. If I sit or lay perfectly still it doesn't hurt. Other things hurt, but not my pelvis.

I'm extremely grateful for friends who have let us stay with them. I know they've gone out of their way to make us comfortable and we are both thankful.

I have an appointment today to reassess and talk about induction. I've never really given a too thought to induction but now I have. When you are away from home and family and your own bed, it's hard to resist. I am really hoping she will go for it.

The full moon is tonight, who knows, maybe that's all it'll take!