Sh*t NO Pregnant Person Wants To Hear

In light of my recent outing to the grocery store, and some comments from people that made me want to cry and throw up, I am writing this. People don't realize what they're saying most of the time. Nor that they're being rude. I'm sure it's been done before, but here's my version.

-Holy cow! You're huge!
-You're way bigger than so and so.
-You look like you're going to explode!
-You haven't had that baby yet??
-When I delivered my baby, I tore from here to there!
-How's your cervix? (How's YOUR cervix buddy?)
-Are your boobs sore?
-You MUST have a 10 lb baby in there!
-I bet YOU'RE on your way to buy some chocolate!
-There can't be any more room in there for that little one!
-Having contractions yet?
-How ya feeling? (Like I'm frickin' 9 months pregnant).
-You can't possibly get any bigger!
-What did your doctor say this week? (Perfectly acceptable for family, not strangers).
-That's quite the waddle you've got going on.
-When I delivered, they gave me this drug, and I threw up every contraction. It was horrible.
-I know someone who got paralyzed from an epidural.
-Are you going to breast feed?
-Are you nervous?

In my opinion, if you're going to make a comment to a pregnant person, lie. Tell them they look so good. Tell them they are glowing. Tell them they're all belly. Make them feel like a little less of a cow for like 5 minutes. Make their day.


  1. So lovely, you've known me long enough to know I'm blunt. So here it is: in any picture I've seen of you throughout this whole process you've been absolutely beautiful. No lie. All the wonderful things that make you you and make you beautiful are still there. Harper hasn't changed that a bit, if anything, she's added to her Momma's beauty. Sorry, I'd have said this in the grocery store if I weren't like two provinces away ;) <3 Katy

  2. So true! I would love to send this to every person who feels the need to comment on ANY pregnant woman's body/appearance! It really gets old.


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