We're a Cupcake Kind of Family

January 19th was my MIL -Susan's- Birthday. They drove to Bangor that day to pick up my Brother in Law and his girlfriend from the airport, so we couldn't celebrate until the next evening when they got back. We spend quite a bit of time together as a family anyway, but this particular evening included a dozen cupcakes of my own invention. This was my gift to her, since she always finds awesome & creative cakes to make for me on my birthday.

I got the ideas from a bunch of different cupcakes on Pinterest (of course). None of the ideas on their own made me happy, so I picked and chose what I saw as the best and I put them together to make a pretty darn yummy cupcake. I wanted to share a couple pictures from the other night.

Mocha Cupcakes dipped in chocolate glaze & Coffee Crisp crumbs
Frosted with Coffee Buttercream.

Sue is pumped. She posted this to FB herself, so I'm putting it on here :)

This was the first take of the previous pic, I only posted it to show Gramp H,
to the right. He is an extremely happy/jolly person, and I can't figure out
for the life of me what he is scowling about! Bahahaha!


  1. YOu've officially triggered me to cheat on my no sugar endeavor aha. YUM!


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