My Owl Themed Baby Shower!

This past Friday we had my baby shower! Lots of fun and laughs were had. My sister in law, mother in law, and stepmother worked really heard to make it a great shower (thanks again ladies). I wanted to share the photos sooner but my aunt took them and she took a while to figure out her new computer and get them posted to Facebook. I think we had about 40 people or so. Lots of good food. I took home a ton of loot! I'm so thankful for having such a great support network of fine ladies around me! Thanks for coming out everyone! Oh, if you can't guess, the theme is owls!

Labels I made for the games

No, its not poop. We played a game, guess the melted chocoalte bar! 

Beautiful quilt my grandmother hand stitched.
She is one amazing lady!
 If I grow into half the woman she is, I'll be doing well!

My mom, myself, mother in law, and stepmother.
So thankful for family! 

Our other game, guess who's baby picture!

Adorable cookies made my my sister in law!
Sooo cute!
Not so tasty.
Royal icing sucks!!! 

My lovely sister in law and myself! 

What a stash!

Cute little nest made byt my stepmother and sister.
The book is words of wisdom for mommy!

My offspring. Looks just like me! 

This gift deserves special attention!
What a great job! Thanks Jennie!

Balloon owl we made! 

Amazing cupcakes my mother in law made!
So talented! 


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