DIY Wood Letters

So I've been putting this DIY off for a while.

Not because I haven't wanted to do it, but because I have been working up until a few days ago, and I didn't really have the time.

I picked up the letters at Walmart. The scrapbook paper came from Micheals, but you really could use whatever paper you wanted, from wherever you like.

What you need:
-Wooden letters.
-Scrapbook Paper (various colours).
-Sponge Brush.

-Trace your letters on the backside of your paper.
-Cut them out.
-You might have to use an exacto-knife to cut out the center parts of the letters.
-Use your sponge brush to paint your modpodge onto the wooden letters.
-Place your cut out paper on the glue. Hold down to dry.

The Finished Product