Decisions Decisions...

Several weeks ago, I went to prenatal assessment. I had no idea what they wanted, but apparently they just wanted to ask me a bunch of questions regarding my life. Pretty much just screening you for potential problems, educational needs, etc. They gave me a big envelope with information in it, including some info on several issues surrounding delivery and plans for the early months of your baby. In this envelope there was also a birth plan.

After finding out I am an RN, the nurse pretty much just said that she had to ask all these questions, but basically decided that I knew everything I needed to know, and if I didn't I knew who to ask, or where to find the information. This is all true...but it was good that she still asked the questions anyway. She said that the birth plan is good to look over. We didn't have to fill it out, if we don't want to, or if we don't know what we want.

After reading it over with Casey, it really brings to light many issues and options that women today have surrounding labour and delivery. If I were to read this to my mother, she'd just say, "Put out your cigarette and push the baby out." Indeed, that really happened. I've listened to some stories from the older nurses I work with. They say things along the lines of "you knew they were ready to push when they put their cigarettes down." What a lovely environment for your little bundle of joy to come out into. Hope it doesn't have trouble breathing! How times have drastically changed!

Anyway, back to the birth plan. It pretty much just points out things that the hospital offers in terms of pain management and different methods of 'labouring.'

The first question that applied to me was "My goal for pain management in labour is:" For this, I checked "ask for pain medication when I feel I need it." It made me laugh a bit, because I found this photo on FB that was a Q&A of questions from men about their pregnant/recently not pregnant wife/SO. I'll post it for your viewing pleasure. Question #6 is what I was referring to. :)

The next few questions ask about how you would like to deal with contractions. It has options to check like walking, bathing, using pillows, listening to music, laughing gas, & narcotics. I pretty much checked everything except for narcotics. I know for sure that I wouldn't cope well with having any kind of narcotic on board. Especially if it has nausea/vomiting as a side effect. Also, I feel like it'd make me fall asleep. I'd rather just have the epidural...

Then it asked how I want to go about giving birth. How would I know? I've never done this before! I pretty much just wrote in at the bottom 'whatever feels most comfortable..."I probably should have written, "whatever doesn't feel the most uncomfortable." 

I feel like I'm just gonna have to wing it as much as possible. I have watched about 4 deliveries. 3 of which ended in a C-Section. Thats pretty much the only serious preference I have. I REALLY don't wanna go there! One of the deliveries, the baby came out pretty blue looking. He pinked up pretty quick, but afterwards, they told me that it was because she got narcotics during the delivery, and from experience, I know that narcotics can depress your respiratory drive. I didn't really enjoy that. No one in the room breathed until that baby did. 

I've read things about delayed cord clamping, and I asked my OB about them. She said that now they generally do wait until the cord stops pulsating to cut it, unless there is an emergency. I like this idea, seeing as I'm on a medication that can cause anemia in my baby, having that extra blood would be good for her. But, if they need to give her a little extra help, go ahead and cut that cord! 

I'm pretty sure I'd like to have an epidural. I'm a pretty big baby when it comes to pain. I know that there are risks associated with having an epidural, but this is the same with any medical procedure  I trust that the anesthesiologist will do his/her absolute best job, and knows what they're doing. I've seen them put in a few times, and they are so good at their jobs! 

As for people in the room with me, my ideas have changed drastically since I first got pregnant. At first, I was like, yeah, my mom, step mom, and mother in law should come in with us! No problem! As I got further along, I realized I'm pretty sure I don't want anyone but Casey in there with me. First of all my mom is a fainter. She is the first to admit. That would be bad. Same with my mother in law. Also, bad. My step mom is a nurse and would be a great support person, but I feel like it might make others feel bad if she was in there with us and no one else. Anyway, so far my "Plan" (can I even call it a plan?) is to let people come in until I can't handle it anymore, whether its pain, or just putting up with people in general. When its time to start pushing, "EVERYBODY OUT!" Except Casey of course. :) This whole idea is subject to change, seeing as I have no idea how long labour is going to be for me, or how I'm going to handle it. I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see. 

There's a lot in this whole "Birth Plan" thing that I am going to have to wait and see for...and you know what? Even though I'm usually a planner, list maker, doer....I'm okay with that!