Creamy Garlic Chicken

I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was having creamy garlic chicken for supper, and a couple ladies posted that they would like the recipe. I don't really follow a recipe, I just wing it, but I'll tell you what I do, sound fair??

Creamy Garlic Chicken

-1/2 a chicken breast per person you plan to feed.
-1 Cup of heavy cream per person you plan to feed. Heavy as in 35%.
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not sure exactly how much...lets say 3 Tbsp?
-Minced Garlic. Use your judgement on this. I use quite a bit, others use less. I love garlic.
-Parmesan cheese.
-Penne Noodles, or your favorite kind of noodle. Spaghetti would work, but wheres the fun in that?

-Cook your penne noodles as per the instructions on the box. Use your judgement as to how much to make. I always have leftovers.
-Chop up your chicken, I like to have it in pretty small pieces. It cooks faster.
-Heat up your frying pan. I used a cast iron skillet this time, it made no difference.
-Add your olive oil and chicken. Cook the chicken until done through.
-Add garlic, cook for 1-2 mins, or until nice and fragrant. I used a pretty large spoon full. Large as in the big wooden spoon that I was using to stir my noodles.
-Reduce your heat to medium or a little less.
-Add the heavy cream. Cook until this reduces. Its going to take a little while, and it will start to bubble quite a bit. Just keep stirring it because it can burn to the bottom of the frying pan. When the cream is to a consistency that you are happy with, you can stop cooking.

To serve, I put my noodles on the plate, then add some parmesan cheese. Its better if you can get the fresh kind from the fridge isle of the grocery store. Its like legit grated parm. Yum. Then spoon some chicken/sauce mix on top of the noodles. If you want, add more parm.

This is a recipe you'll have to play with until you like it best. You can never have too much cream in it, because we tend to run out of the cream before the chicken.

This recipe does not heat up well on the second day. The oil and the cream will separate and it'll look kind of greasy. It will taste fine, but it just looks weird.

This is not my recipe. I learned it from a friend, who learned it from someone else. I do not take credit for creating it.


  1. Ooh, sounds yummy! I'm with you on the garlic. Any time I make something that involves garlic, I double whatever the recipe says. There is no such thing as too much garlic. ;-)


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