2012 Review

Well, 2012 has been a pretty life-changing year for me. For me, it's hard to remember everything I've done. I'll probably have to check my Facebook for a few these things, since I don't keep a journal (Not that I haven't tried). Hopefully I have actually accomplished as much as I think I have this year. I guess I'll find out.

Convinced myself to stop taking birth control... that was a pretty crazy thing to do. I was convinced that I was going to become pregnant immediately after I stopped taking it. But that didn't happen.

It's been 12 years since my Grampy Ingersoll died. Hard to believe.

Started a clinical leadership course with Heidi.

Me and My Gampy

Took our first cruise together. Sailed out of Fort Lauderdale, FL on the Oasis of the Seas. Simply amazing.

Finally reached level 85 in world of Warcraft.

Bought the Subaru Tribeca from Casey's parents.

Labadee, Haiti on the Oasis of the Seas

Casey's gram Hudson passed away.

Finished clinical leadership course.

The Hunger Games came out. We went as a family to see it opening night.

Bought my my first Scentsy products. Addicted.

Nothing else of any importance.

Went to visit Brian and Erin in Yarmouth. Saw the avengers in IMAX 3D and cirque de soleil.

Took the Emergency Nursing Paediatric Course.

Took a cardiac rhythm interpretation course.

Diablo 3 came out!

Luna learned to swim!

Went to Trent and Shannon's wedding.

Visited Hopewell Rocks together.

Found out we were expecting!

Told Casey's parents on Father's Day.

Moved my mom home, and in with us until she could find her own place.

Hopewell Rocks

Was a bridesmaid in Marissa's wedding.

Threw Bryen a wedding shower.

The Dark Knight Rises came out in theatres.

Celebrating 7 years of being together with Casey.

Marissa's Bridal Party

Announced to the world our big news.

Had our second wedding anniversary.

Was the maid of honour in Bryen's wedding.

Went to the Riviera Maya, Mexico for our baby moon.

Felt my first kick!

Sea doo around the island for the first time.

Songpop happened.

In the Riviera Maya

Found out we are expecting a baby girl!

At the same time, found out Caleb and Sable are also expecting! Surprise!

Had a 3D ultrasound. Amazing!!

Painted the nursery purple!

Found mom her own place!

Signed up to become a certified emergency nurse.

Our baby Girl! 

Started officially selling cupcakes.

Daddy finally felt his baby girl kick.

Went to Rhoda's Christmas market for the first time.

Taken 2 came out in theatres!!

Turned 24. Holy.

Finally allowed to tell Caleb and Sable's secret!

Sold many cupcakes.

The world didn't end on December 21st.

Had our last Christmas without children!

All in all, it's been a pretty good year. Did a bit of traveling. Learned a lot. Made a baby. Started a small business.

I'm looking forward to next year and all the fun and excitement it brings. New challenges await.