DIY Picture Board

Since it's after Christmas and everyone has opened their gifts, I can post about what I made for my mom, step mom, and mother in law. I got the idea off Pinterest but I changed pretty much everything about it. Oh, and the point of the paper clips is to clip pictures of your grand kids.

What you need:
Picture frame
Glue gun
Paper clips

I cut out the word grandparents from the felt. I used black because it matched the rest of my stuff.
Next I took the glass from the picture frame and cut out a piece of burlap to fit around it. I secured it onto the glass with hot glue.
Next I glued the felt letters onto the burlap.
I used buttons for the inside e, a, p and d. It was much easier than cutting the centres out.
I cut out a piece of hemp and glued it to the back of the picture frame so that it was dangling from the bottom a little.
I glued a small paper clip behind some larger buttons and then glued them onto the hanging hemp.
I used some more buttons to decorate the rest of the frame.
Pretty easy for a gift!