DIY Block Letters

I was finally able to get away to pick up some of the stuff I needed for a few of the DIY crafts I have my heart set on doing before the baby arrives.

This one in particular is going to be for pregnancy photos, so it really needed to be done before she is born. It only took a couple hours after I finally got my act together. Here's what I did:

DIY Block Letters

-Wooden blocks (mine are 1 1/2 inch)
-Colour coordinating scrapbook paper.
-Mod podge
-Black paint
-2 Sponge brushes

First, I chose the paint I wanted to use. I chose black paint. I painted all sides of the blocks, and set them to dry.

While they were drying, I cut out 1 and a quarter inch squares out of all 3 of my paper colours. I used this measurement so that there would be quarter inch if black paint showing on all sides.

After the paint was through drying, I mod podged the paper squares to the blocks. I coordinate them so I had 3 colours and the colours were on the opposite ends. I set these aside to dry.

As the glue was drying, I drew out my letters onto the final colour of scrap book paper. I cut them all out. The inside if the a, e, and p were hard to do, but since I was at work, I used a scalpel. I would suggest using a box cutter of you're having trouble.

After I had all the letters cut out, I glued them on to the front of one side of each of the blocks. I applied a thin layer of mod podge to all sides of the blocks as well. I would suggest doing a couple sides and letting that dry and doing the rest after.

Let your blocks dry and enjoy!

I'll have to post her full name when we get our pictures done.

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