Birthday Season

December is birthday season for me. My birthday is December 10th, and there are several other people in my family that have a birthday this month. These include my step-father, 3 cousins, my dad, and a whole bunch of old friends from elementary, middle, and high school.

Maybe I'm the only one who thought of it like this, but December babies result from February conceptions. Valentines day anyone??

Since my birthday is in December, I for some reason, over the years, have taken it upon myself to remember every single person's birthday in this month that I can possibly remember, plus any important historical dates. Did anyone else remember that December 7th was the 71st anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbour?? Its also my 4th Grade teacher's birthday. Good Lord. I'm sure this brain space could seriously be used for something more useful.

Anyway, since it's birthday season, and I'm hormonal and emotional, I'm gonna take a trip down memory lane.

Having a birthday in December always made me slightly bitter about Christmas. I hated (and still do actually, so don't try and pull this one on me) when people would say, "oh you'll get your birthday present on Christmas" or "if I gave you your birthday present, it would spoil your Christmas one." This is BS. NO 8 year old wants to hear this. No one does this to the kids who are born in July! I've decided that the next people to do this to me are gonna hear this on their birthday "I bought you a gift, but I kept it for myself because you're an a-hole."

I remember a few specific birthdays that stick out in my head. I remember my 7th birthday, everyone told me that I was getting too old to have birthday parties. I totally disagreed but thought nothing of it. I went to hang out with my Nanny and she said we had to stop at my Dad's before we could go up the island, and had me run in for something that Sally wanted delivered. I did as I was told, and got jumped for a surprise birthday party! Thanks Sally!

Another year, not sure what one, I lost a tooth on my birthday, and just happened to be having a sleepover that night. We all slept on my bedroom floor, and I still put the tooth under my pillow. Needless to say, the tooth was nowhere to be found in the morning. I got my money the next night, but we never did find that tooth...

Marissa, my BFF from elementary/middle school, had her birthday 5 days after me. Today is actually her birthday! Happy birthday girl! I never let her forget that I was 5 days older. Thats gonna come back to bite me in, oh say, 6 years, when I'm 30 (oh LORD) and she's still 29! We always went to Marissa's house for her mom's delicious home made pizza and then cookie pizza for a birthday cake. Having birthdays in December meant we played unwrap the present pretty much every year. There is no better way to get rid of excess wrapping paper bits AND occupy a horde of 10 year olds for a while.

When we were kids, there was not a more awesome birthday then if you had it at the Fundy House! I honestly can't remember if I ever did or not. Now days, if you had your birthday there, you pray you don't get food poisoning! How times have changed.

After I went to university, having a birthday in December meant that your birthday was during exams. That sucked. Hard. Nothing more exciting than writing a 300 question anatomy and physiology exam on your 18th birthday. Wooooooo!

Now that I'm married to a lobster buyer, my birthday means that everyone is working and we will hopefully find time to celebrate some other time. Thats okay though, because being a nurse means theres a pretty good chance I'll have to work. This year I worked nights and my awesome partner brought in McCain frozen cake (YUM!) and Candy Cane ice cream. We had a midnight celebration! Thanks Sheryl!

I'm gonna leave you with a couple words of wisdom.

1. If you live on Grand Manan, family planning is key. Don't get pregnant in Jan/Feb. Your child will be born WAY too close to the start of fishing season. This could mean one of two things. a) your husband/signifiant other may not be present for your delivery or b) your child's birthday gets ignored later in life.

2. If you do happen to know a kid born in December, DON'T tell them their birthday gift is coming at Christmas. That is so NOT FAIR! December kids deserve birthday presents just like July kids do! Fight the power December kids!

A Few Birthdays Ago...