30 Weeks & Name Reveal

Well, today is my 30 week mark. Hard to believe that time has gone this quick. I am thinking it's going to continue to fly until I start maternity leave (whenever that will be) and after that I think it might drag as slow as possible. I thought I'd share the picture we took tonight to reveal our little girl's name.

Since pregnancy has been not-so-glamorous, I have made a personal decision to have as much fun as humanly possible. So, we've done as many fun things as we can so far. We gave Casey's parents a cute poem to tell them we were pregnant, we did a big FB reveal, we went on a babymoon, had a gender reveal party (cupcakes included) and today, on our 30 week mark, we decided to do a big FB reveal of her name.

Poem we used to tell Casey's Parents

This FB name reveal has a couple of purposes. Primarily, it stops people from asking if we have a name. Grand Mananers will see it and know. So for the most part, I won't have to tell every single person I see. That's what I liked about announcing we were preggers on FB. I didn't have to tell people, they found out pretty quick and just knew. That was nice. Secondly, it kind of claims the name as ours. In this small of a community, it would really suck if someone took the name you were going to use. We debated about this for quite a long time, whether or not to tell people. We told close family and friends, but we weren't sure about the general public. It was decided for me after a close call, when I found out that Jac and Rob almost named their little girl the same thing. I think that most people, if they knew that was what we were naming our baby, would have crossed that off the list. BUT they didn't know. We hadn't told anyone. So after that, I decided for sure that we needed to announce it.

Our FB Reveal Photo

Then came the trouble of making the block letters we used. I posted how to do this in my DIY section. It was really quite easy once I got all the materials, but that was the hard part for me, living on an island with very limited craft supply, I needed to wait until I went to Saint John where their craft stores are fully stocked. Here's the link if you are interested.

We decided on this name very randomly. Way back when we didn't know what we were having, I was online looking up potential names. I saw this name and though, "no, Casey won't ever go for that" and never mentioned it to him. A couple weeks later, I was sitting at the computer and in walks Casey saying "what about this?" Well, after that we never even talked about any other name. It seemed we had our girl name chosen. Good thing thats what we are having, because we had nothing for a boy!

Anyways, enough chatter. Here it is!

Harper Marion Elizabeth


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