Nursery Progress

I can't seem to get my thoughts on my nursery together. I feel like I need a place to write it all down, and hopefully get some feedback. So here goes.

I started with this fabric. Found it on Etsy, and bought it from this site. I'm getting a couple crib sheets made out of it. Other than that, it was just a little inspiration for color coordination. I might get the lady to save a little of it and frame it on the wall. It was from here, I picked my colours for the walls.

I painted one wall brown, as an accent wall. The rest of the walls we painted purple, matching the purple owls on that fabric. On the accent wall, I bought a wall decal from this site on Etsy and put it up. This was hard because I could only look at a computer screen to match the colours in the fabric to the leaves and birds on the decal. This is where we are so far. We haven't put up the birds or leaves yet because we haven't got the crib, and we don't want to hide them behind the crib.

It took a really long time to paint this room, because everything needed to be primed. The room was originally painted in high gloss oil based paint. We had to prime even the door, closet, ceiling, window, and baseboards.

The other day, we went and registered for baby items. We also bought a white crib and 2 white dressers. One dresser is shorter to act as a changing table. At some point we will also get a gilder/rocker. The crib is going to go on the right side of those two trees (there's another tree on the other side that you can't see). I'd like to put the glider right by the window. I suppose it doesn't really matter at the time being.

I actually hate white furniture but we agreed that the expresso colour we wanted wouldn't look right in this room.

As for decorations, I have a few plans to make some things. Here they are.

For a curtain, I'd like to make a pink ruffled one. I found a DIY on Pinterest and hope to do it. Here's the site that the idea came from. I realize the picture is of a white curtain. I'd like to make pink. Of course, if I fail miserably, I'll just buy them.

This same idea, I'd like to apply to make a bed skirt with ruffles. I'd like to do a pink layer, purple layer, and a burlap bottom layer. I thought a little burlap accent might be cute in this room.

Another place I'd like to add burlap is to make these boxes I found on Pinterest. We have no storage at all in our home, because it's older than the hills. But making a few boxes (cute ones too) will help. I think these will go in the closet, but the closet has no door, so you will see them. I think one will go on the floor for a sort of toy box as well. Heres the link to the DIY. I love the little bow on the side! Adds a little girly accent to it. I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew!!

I found this adorable mobile that I would like to hang in the corner, over where I want the gilder/rocker. THEN I found another one, and couldn't choose between them. So I think I'll mix them both. Thoughts??? The burlap top with little white stars and the little crystals??


And finally, I asked my husband's grandfather to make this for me. I will paint it myself. I also plan on doing the stars that go off to the side. I want to use a different saying though. Not sure what yet. Possibly I love you to the moon and back. 

I really hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew! Most of these are simple crafts, that will take one day to complete. Hm. I guess we'll see!!  Oh, and I know it looks like I've lost site of the owls theme, but I haven't. I am anticipating getting owl stuff for the shower, so I am holding off on too much owl decor until then. If I don't get anything, I'm going to order a few things from Etsy. 


  1. I say good call on the white furniture. I think espresso would have made the room look too dark, but the white will look perfect!

    Also, since your room is purple and owls, have you seen this:

    Our nursery theme is purple and sage with birds, so of course I had to add it to our registry. ;-)


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