It's Alive!!!!!

For about a month now, I have been feeling the baby move every day. Every night, when we go to bed, I get my husband to try and feel her, because that's when I can feel her a lot. Up until last night, he would pretty much fall asleep that way, waiting to feel her. I'm not gonna lie, I felt a little bit disappointed every time he didn't feel her.

Last night, when I laid down, it felt like she was moving a little differently that normal. So, I told Casey to stop looking at the stock market, and put his hand there to see if he could feel her. It didn't take long and I felt one big kick, and he said "Felt that! Huh!" He could feel her a lot last night. He'd say "felt that one," "felt that one!" I'd look over at him and giggle like a stupid school girl! Haha, I couldn't help it, it's what I've been waiting for for a month!

After a few minutes, I lifted my shirt over my belly and we watched, and could see her moving my belly all around. She'd move, and I'd laugh, and she'd move, and I'd laugh....No idea why I was laughing, just kinda was...I think she was entertaining us!

Even as I'm writing this post, I can feel her moving, and I can't help but stop typing, and watch my belly. How amazing it is to be able to create (or bake as I call it quite often) a little human!

I hope he doesn't mind me writing this (it's likely he'll never know), but my Father In Law said something to us last night that was pretty sweet. He said (not exact wording) that "Pregnancy is an amazing and beautiful thing. It's something only a woman can do, men really do miss out on an amazing thing. It's a gift from God."

He is right. Being able to cary a human inside you is something we overlook and take for granted every day, but it's pretty profound!


  1. So glad I'm not the only person who uses baking/cooking terminology in reference to the baby. After I got pregnant, when people would ask me if my husband and I have any kids, my standard response was, "I'm cookin' one right now!"

    Of course, it got extra weird this past week. Not sure if you'd stopped by my blog since Tuesday, but we're doing belly pics with the produce for comparison, and I cooked our 26-week cabbage-baby into two delicious meals. ;-)

  2. Bahaha thats great! I love cabbage...mmmm I'll have to stop by!


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