Gender Reveal Party

Yesterday was a big day for us!

We had an appointment with our awesome OB, then on to our anatomy scan! I was so nervous the night before, I hardly slept 4 hours! We told our ultrasound tech that we did want to know the gender of the baby. She was great, and found it right away! Baby was in full presentation mode yesterday! Its a girl! Holy! I'm still in shock! I was sure it was a boy, I actually placed a  bet with my husband on it being a boy! I lost, so I have to make him bacon cheeseburgers! (not really a burger at all, name is deceiving).

We were thrilled to see that she has all of her appendages attached, and a functioning heart, bladder, kidneys, and is VERY active! She flip-flopped all over the place! We were able to see everything we needed. How amazing that was!

Head, facing up, with nose and little lips! Apparently she has my forehead...poor kid! 

So after our scan, we did a little shopping, then took the ferry home, and got to work frosting our cupcakes for our Gender Reveal Party! We were going to inject them with pink frosting, then pipe blue on half and pink on half. BUT, the injecting tip didn't work like I thought, and it didn't pipe hardly any frosting into them at all. I'm not sure what happened. SO, we figured out a different way. I had a pink one and he had a blue one, and I shoved the pink one in his mouth/face to reveal that it was a girl! lol...he didn't mind! I was actually really nervous. We were going to make a show out of it, but that didn't happen! 

42 Chocolate cupcakes with Buttercream frosting to say, Its a Girl!! 

We had 41 people show up, including ourselves! Wow, what a turn out! I am so blessed with so many friends and family to share our joy! We had lots of great food and good talks with everyone! Oh, and 24 people guessed boy, and only 13 guessed girl! :)

This here is an awesome recipe I took off Pinterest for Caramel Apple Cream Cheese dip. You dip cut up pieces of apple in it. Mmmmmm! Yum! You can follow me on Pinterest for the recipe, its under my Completed Pins board. 

Cream Cheese with Caramel and Skor Bits! 

All in all, what a great day! We are so blessed!