DIY Halloween Decor!

I'm pretty much addicted to Pinterest. Scratch that. I am for sure addicted. I pin and pin and pin, but hardly ever actually make time to complete any of my pins, except for the food related ones. Today, I decided I was going to do something about it.

Since moving out of my parents house, I had yet to acquire too many of my own Halloween decorations. I usually buy/carve a pumpkin, and thats about the extent of it. Well, I LOVE Halloween, and I wanted to have a few decorations that I can use every year. I figured I'd start making them/buying them, to start my collection for my growing family. So far, I bought a light up pumpkin thing from Walmart, turns out its super cheap, and I'll be very surprised if it lasts a week in the weather. I got a couple little plastic pumpkins for the windowsills. I got a cauldron for treats. I got these cool hand prints for the window that look like blood. Most of these things are super cheap and won't last. Also, every year, I fill my trifle bowl with gords.

As for good decorations, I bought two bouys painted to look like pumpkins, and one that is painted to look like a ghost.

Most of my afternoon today was spent making these two hanging decorations. I used craft paper that I got from Micheals, some wooden letters, a wood skeleton, stickers, and ribbon that I also got from Micheals, and to hold it all together, some ModPodge. I just traced around the cutouts, cut them out and glued them on. Easy peasy! I could get used to the this whole DIY thing!

Oh, credit for the idea goes to: