My husband and I just returned last week from our Babymoon! We went to Mexico, to the Riviera Maya, for 7 nights. We stayed at the NOW Jade Resort. First of all, we got an awesome deal to stay at this resort. We got our 3rd, 5th, and 7th nights free. Just a promotion they had going on at the time.

Usually, when I go south, I wanna go go go! I want to do excursions and trips and see as much as I can. The total opposite was true of this trip. I didn't want to do anything but lounge by the pool and read. We did go snorkling in Peurto Moleres. Its a little fishing/tourist village located 5 minutes from the resort. There is a national park there, containing the barrier reef that is there. It was rather rough and windy that day, so we didn't get to see a whole lot. Just fish mainly. I was really hoping for a turtle! No such luck that time.

Other than that one excursion, we did nothing else besides lay by the pool/beach and read/swim. What a great time it was!

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to enjoy food as much as I usually do when I'm on vacation. I just didn't have an appetite! Ugh! The night time restaurantes were awesome, so I would practically starve myself so I was hungry to eat there, and by the time I got a salad into me for a starter, I wouldn't want anything else! Grrrr! Speaking of salad, thats pretty much all I wanted while I was there. A cold, crispy salad with ranch dressing. Weird, eh?

My place by the pool! Ahhhhh :)

I love to people watch, so just lounging by the pool was enough to tickle my fancy. Some people are absolutely crazy! We watches one drunk lady rip a strip off of a poor pool attendent because she slipped on the pool deck. Let me explain this one a little more. In 2 places around the adult pool, there were lounge chairs built right into the pool. So the water was only like 5 inches deep or so. THIS is where she was walking, and slipped. Well by the end of it, there were 2 "Slippery when wet" signs IN THE POOL!!! I would say she was just so embarrassed that she was too drunk to walk properly, and took it out on that poor pool attendent! Of course the pool is slippery, you drunk nutbag! She was my entertainment for the week, watching her be crazy. lol. I know, easily entertained right??


A few final words, to those future babymooners, when you order your 'virgin' drinks, don't order them from a pool attendent. Go right up to the bar and watch what they do. The first time I ordered one, I WATCHED the guy contemplate/joke about putting rum in my drink. The other guy gave him an angry look, so he didn't. It sucks to go and not look pregnant yet, because people just think you're strange to get non-alcoholic drinks. Whats it to them anyways? You're saving them money! Ugh, its frustrating. Secondly, while on the plane, if you have a long distance to fly, and you have a window seat, offer it to the guy in the isle, because you're gonna have to pee, and he's going to be asleep! I'm sure it'd make his day, and it will make it way easier on you to go pee.


  1. Ahh, the monkeys!! So cute!!

    I worry a bit about mix-ups (or bartenders who think they're being funny) when ordering virgin drinks, too. I was only 14 weeks at my best friend's bachelorette party at the beginning of August and didn't look pregnant at all yet. :-P


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