Travel Idiots

I wanted to post about this last week because we travelled to Mexico for our Babymoon. We are leaving today and I figured I would post while I am waiting to leave.

Something that will always make me crazy are the idiots you run into in the airport. The girls wearing super high heels, obviously not comfortable. Why are they doing that to themselves? No one cares what you look like. You seriously could wear some comfortable flats, sneakers, or sandals. No one would ever notice. What we do see is someone dressing like an idiot to sit in a giant metal tube in the sky for endless hours. Why not be comfortable? What's your deal??

To those who take their good sweet time to get off the plane. Please think of those of us who have connections. I really don't want to miss my flight to Mexico because an old man and his fanny pack toting wife walk at a snails pace AND take up the entire hall way. If you are gonna doddle, please do so to one side so that the rest of us can pass you.

Same goes to those people with no elevator etiquette. For the love of God, please do not stand with your nose to the door while waiting for the elevator. There are likely people on that elevator, and it is their right of way to get odd before you get on. This happened so much during our cruise last year I seriously considered standing withMY nose to the inside of the elevator door and just randomly punching whoever was standing too close when the doors opened.

Here's how elevator etiquette works:
1. Press your up or down button.
2. Stand at least 5 feet away from the door and make room for those exiting the elevator.
3. First come, first serve. If I have been standing at the elevator, you do not have the right to shove by me when you just got there. I reserve the right to punch you.
4. Let the frigging people off the elevator. Then you may board the elevator.
5. Fill the sides. The middle. Do not stand your ground and refuse to move and make room. I don't care if you have a phobia. I hate elevators but I make room. If you cannot stand it, take the stairs.
6. Ask those around you if their floor has been pressed. Be a nice person.
7. When others get off the elevator, from behind you, get out, and hold the door for them.

See? Only 7 easy things to remember. Better yet, use your common sense, and be a nice human being.

I must sound like a huge complainer, but I'm from a small town and we hold the door for those behind us. We stop and ask others if they are ok or need help. I think if everyone thought of others a little more, the world would be a much better place and things would run much smoother!!!


  1. I agree! If people would treat others the way they wanted to be treated the world would be a much better place. There are so many inconsiderate people.

  2. Ugh, being hormonal and traveling is dangerous! lol


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