I was pretty excited today when I finally got the fabric for my crib sheets. It's so cute! I'm very happy with it.

Our plan with the nursery is to wait until we find out what we are having, on October 4th, and then pick a color in the fabric to paint. I have already painted one wall a dark brown. I am going to buy a wall decal that is white birch trees, an owl, leaves, and a few birds. I have yet to decide what color to make the birds, because you can choose. I'm thinking blue, because blue birds would be fine for a boy or a girl. When we find out what it is, we will be able to accessorize.

I was so happy to come across this fabric on etsy. I knew I wanted to do owls but couldn't find a crib sheet set that I liked enough. But I know a lady who makes crib sheets. She said she could make them for me no problem.

I think I'm finally making progress. I was so overwhelmed at first. I totally didn't even know where to start (though cleaning out the room of all the junk was a good place to start!).

Looking forward to October 4th, so we can (hopefully) know what we are having!


  1. I love owls!!! I am also going to do my own baby bedding.

  2. Ooh, so cute!! The Pack 'n Play we registered for has owls on the mobile across the top:

    And I'm planning on making crib bedding, curtains, etc. myself (ok, with my wonderful mother's help!) as well. The stuff I was finding in stores just wasn't doing it for me. :-P


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