It Begins (Began?)

So I suppose all this began with a test. An easy one. All you have to do is aim and pee. Now I have found myself in a whirlwind of craziness, I never know what to expect!

I find my body changing strange ways. It's like I'm 13 again! At 16 weeks I can feel my uterus poking up near my belly button. Today, it was hot at work and I couldn't understand why my shirt was wet. Then I realized "OMG I'm lactating!" I ran to the washroom to check. Nope. I was just sweating! I found it quite amusing. So did the other people I was working with!

At six weeks I was having some bleeding and it scared me so I went to the regional hospital to get checked. I was so lucky to have the doctor that I did! I knew her because she came to our hospital to teach rural trauma courses and also to do mock codes with us. She is a fantastic doctor. She ordered an ultrasound immediately and I got through nice and quick. We got to see our little bean. It was the size of a raspberry at the time. Pretty much just a blip that was pulsing (heartbeat) on the screen. We heard the heart beat. 117 at the time. Made me feel way better. All was well.

I would really like to do a blog and keep it up. I suck at journaling things so maybe this will be better! Who knows!